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Bird Walk Asifabad

Bird Walk Asifabad

The second edition of two-day long Bird Walk Festival, hosted by the forest department, commenced simultaneously in Penchikalpet, Bejjur, Sirpur (T) and Kaghaznagar forest ranges of Kaghaznagar forest division on a colorful note on Saturday.

Around 60 wildlife photographers, nature lovers, birders and students belonging to several parts of Telangana attended the event and clicked photographs of the winged wonders in their habitats. The alarming rise in positive cases of Covid-19 registered by Telangana failed to dampen the spirit of the participants, who enthusiastically turned up for the programme wearing face masks and practising physical distance.

The participants swarmed important and remote habitats of birds include irrigation tanks, river fronts, a vulture project near Nandigaon village in Penchikalpet mandal, situated in Penchikalpet, Bejjur, Sirpur (T) and Kaghaznagar forest ranges since early morning. They captured images of the birds dwelling in the habitats and scenic locations. They soaked in the wilderness of the region.

Wildlife photographers, students, nature lovers shot a bird species at a habitat of birds in Gundepalli forests of Penchikalpet mandal on Saturday.

Mohammad Ahmed Irshad, a chartered accountant of Hyderabad told ‘Telangana Today’ that he had enrolled to participate in the programme after learning about it through the internet. He said that he enjoyed the event and the forests of this region was serene. He expressed satisfaction over arrangements made by the forest department.